Free Download mIRC v6.31 Cracked

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Software Name: mIRC
Version: v6.31 Cracked
Catagory: Internet Chat Clients

To use IRC you need a small program like mIRC, an IRC client for Windows, written by Khaled Mardam-Bey. mIRC is a friendly IRC client that is well equipped with options and tools. mIRC is shareware, which means that you can download mIRC and try it out freely for 30 days to evaluate it. If during, or at the end of, the evaluation period you decide that you would like to continue using mIRC, you must register your copy. (CRACKED!)This version of mIRC offers full Vista compatability with support for limited user accounts, U3 support, support for tips (those small text balloons that pop up near the Windows tray) to notify you of various events such as incoming messages or users in your notify list coming on or leaving IRC, support for positioning the Treebar at top/bottom of the mIRC window, and a feature that allows you to switch between Normal and Compact modes. Compact mode makes mIRC behave like a messenger with the treebar filling the main window, all windows opening on the desktop, and so on.

For general users the interface has been improved in small but useful ways: the display speed of text in window and listboxes is faster; a new Minimize/Close All menu item has been added to the Treebar folder menus; the IRC Servers dialog has been updated to use a modern and snazzy treeview; for USB drive users mIRC now supports a -portable command line switch which makes it avoid use of the registry; A "Lock Bars" options as been added to the toolbar/switchbar/treebar menus to prevent accidental changes in their position/size; several new sounds events have been added to the Sounds events dialog; and the Sounds dialog Enable/Disable sounds option now disables all sounds completely, for users who like to run mIRC in complete silence Finally, the logging feature has been improved to cope with multiple server connections.

For experienced users and scripting enthousiasts this new version has heaps of fixes, changes and other little thingies to play with. We encourage you to explore the whatsnew.txt on the Web to learn about the complete list of changes and their impact. Some changes are obvious, some need getting used to - please take your time to play with them and see how they work?
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